Empowering New American Immigrants: A Path to Success in Manufacturing

Project Description:
Global Humanitarian Aid & Social Development INC is thrilled to share that we have received a $25,000 grant from Honda, through their @TeamHondaCares initiative. This grant supports our targeted program for New American youth workforce development in Central Ohio, titled “Empowering New American Immigrants: A Path to Success in Manufacturing.”

This initiative is dedicated to providing comprehensive training and resources to new American immigrants to help them successfully integrate into the manufacturing sector. By equipping these young individuals with essential skills and knowledge, our goal is to empower them to secure stable, well-paying jobs and build thriving, sustainable careers in their new community.

Project Timeline:

  • Preparation Phase: November 2023 to April 2024 – Planning and setting up the necessary infrastructure and partnerships.
  • Implementation Phase: Kick-off on the ground starts May 25, 2024, and continues through May 30, 2025, with active training and development activities.

We are profoundly grateful to Honda for their support and commitment to our mission. This partnership highlights our shared dedication to community development and creating impactful opportunities.

Project Start Date:

Start Year:

Project End Date:

End Year:

Funded By:
Honda, through their @TeamHondaCares initiative

Implemented By:
Global Humanitarian Aid & Social Development INC – Development and Community Engagement Team

Exciting Partnership Announcement
We are excited to announce a significant contribution of $25,000 from Honda, which will bolster our efforts to empower new American immigrants in the manufacturing sector. This program is poised to create substantial impact by providing necessary training and resources, ensuring these individuals can build successful and sustainable careers.

Thank you, Honda, for your support and for partnering with us to make a tangible difference in the lives of new Americans in Central Ohio.