Hassan Bakad Shide

Hassan Bakad Shide

Hassan Bakad Shide was born 1985, in Mogadishu, Somalia. He left Somalia in late 1999 to Kenya. In early 2000, Hassan moved to the United States of America.  He has dual Somalia and American citizenship. He is multilingual, speaking, Somali, English fluently.


For his high school education, Hassan graduated from linden McKinley high school in June 6th, 2004 with 3.5 GPA. He later went to Strayer University where he was presented with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In additionally, Hassan is family man and has six children and wife.

Early Career

Hassan is a public management by training. He has over ten years of experienced in development and trade management, specializing in resource mobilization; building partnership and negotiating and forging agreements. Hassan has worked in mainly leadership positions with several organizations including Greater Cincinnati Medical Transportation in a position of general director and manage over 100 employees. He is also CEO/founder of Somalia Interpreter & Global Languages services located in Columbus Ohio.